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Commission Arts

You can use my experience to create an integrated work of art for your home, private office, or large projects such as hotels and public places. Appointing me means appointing a person who is sufficiently aware of what is required of the distinguished place you want to decorate with a work of art. I am talking about one piece or a group of works that symbolize one topic that means a lot to you.
I will help you choose the best for you, starting with the digital artwork, selecting the appropriate printing material, and choosing the proper display method. If you like this integrated service, you can like works that suit you or request a remarkable job. Suppose your finished wall art style is determined by stone. In that case, there are far too many options, from the classic framed piece to canvases to contemporary fixtures mounted behind high-quality acrylic. All, of course, use the best materials and craftsmanship locally and nationally.


The price evaluation depends on the project, the number of works, and the purchase mechanism (purchase of rights for a specific period - purchase of full rights - without purchasing rights).


If you wish to commission me, get in touch with your requirements to discuss and for a no-obligation quote, please contact:
Email: info@faisalalrais.ae
Phone: +97150 718 2552

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